froxlor Server Management Panel

The lightweight server management software for your needs.

Developed by experienced server administrators, this open source (GPL) panel simplifies the effort of managing your hosting platform.

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True Multistack

Choose per domain which IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses and which ports should be used.

Advanced SSL

Determine which ports should use SSL and allow customers to store certificates per domain.


Save different PHP-configurations and choose per domain which php.ini should be used (FCGI/FPM only).

Resellers & Customers

Manage reseller ressources and limit what the customers may use in the dedicated customerpanel.


Store dedicated HTTP, FTP and Mail traffic and view it in interactive graphs.

Support tickets

Allow your customers to create support tickets and reply directly within Froxlor - with online/offline indictator for the customers.

Themeable interface

Style froxlor by overwriting the basis CSS or create your complete own theme.

Let's Encrypt

Use free certificates from Let's Encrypt directly from within froxlor.

Other Features

MySQL management
Directory protection & settings
Quota management



Direct Downloads

The latest stable release is recommended for production use.
Download latest stable release: »

For older versions of Froxlor please refer to our release archive.


Froxlor is also available as packages for Debian and Gentoo.

  • Gentoo: Ebuild via Froxlor-Repository (Layman)
  • Debian: deb / [wheezy|jessie] main

For help on how to install/use these packages, please refer to our wiki.

Get the source

For managing the sourcecode, Froxlor relies on the DSCM git. You may easily clone our repository from the sources below or fork it on GitHub, where we welcome pull-requests as well.

  • git clone git:/ <target/directory>
  • git clone / <target/directory>
  • Browse sources: 3026393905

Say thanks

Any contribution helps us to improve froxlor, if you want to help us too but don't want to get into coding, we won't say no to a PayPal donation. If you intend to sponsor us with servers, domains or similar, don't hesitate to contact us at



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